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Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma answered: November 9

What is Merkle Trees?

Yes. Most blockchains use Merkle trees! 

Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma answered: October 19

What is Merkle Trees?

In 1979, Ralph Merkle patented the concept of hash trees. It is a data structure that allows efficient mapping of large chunks of data in the form of a connected tree / linked list.

Consider it to be like an organization structure for data points. In such a linked set of hashed d...

Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma answered: October 19

On CoinMarketCap there are 3,543 cryptocurrencies listed. How many different types of crypto does the world really need?

Firstly, there are 7400+ cryptos listed on CMC. Check out the top header bar on https://coinmarketcap.com/

Having said that, not all of them are reliable or can be considered fully functional as of now. Many of them are dead, defunct, scams, etc. which you can find on...

Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma answered: October 19

What protocols are out there for #DeFi initiatives?

I think the most decentralized of all DeFi Projects / Protocols are as follows: 

1. Compound

2. Uniswap

3. Maker

4. Aave

5. Yearn Finance

6. Curve

7. Balancer


Some of the upcoming protocols from India are: 

- EasyFi

- OpenDeFi

Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett published: October 18

Industry project proposal - QDNA

Hello all i am presently looking for a team or some psrtners to look at best presenting a new dynamic expansion project . 

This could be used in decentralised or centralised banking applications, ...more

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