Adam Inyang


Good Eden, LLC

I'm an artist with many canvases. Blockchain is my newest canvas, with which i will use to paint a whole new tapestry of economic freedom. View (0) Answers

Linda Goetze


Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

An educator and connector, I love bringing people together around mutually beneficial objectives! I believe we are stronger together! View (6) Answers

Michael J. Darden Sr.

Coach. Owner of technology products and platforms. Inventor and patent owner.,,

Working smarter. Always looking for a better way. Rapid Observation, analysis, and course correction. Love to be part of the wave of growth. View (0) Answers

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Bryan Allworthy

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Forward looking macro strategist specialising in the disruptive nature of divergent trends, manager of crypto assets and consultant to SMEs. View (0) Answers

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Voices of the Community

Darren Nelsen
Darren Nelsen answered: August 4

Is there is a way to cancel or revert a Bitcoin transaction?

Once a transaction has been included in a block, no, there's no way to revert it.

If a transaction is sitting in the mempool, awaiting inclusion in a block, you can use Replace-By-Fee (RBF) to replace the transaction with a new one with a different fee. This is typically done whe...

Darren Nelsen
Darren Nelsen answered: August 4

How many blockchains are there?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blockchains. The number will continue to grow as blockchain technology is adopted and adapted to new use cases. In time, there could be hundreds of thousands or millions of chains in the same way that there are so many computer networks in...

Darren Nelsen
Darren Nelsen answered: August 4

Are there any drawbacks to blockchain?

Yes. As with anything, blockchains have advantages and disadvantages and should be used for appropriate purposes.

Depending on your perspective or usage, the following may be seen as drawbacks:

Some blockchains are 'slow'. Blockchains move (or process information) at a certain sp...

Darren Nelsen
Darren Nelsen answered: August 4

Why is the blockchain immutable?

A blockchain is immutable because (in simple terms):

The ledger is append only.
As opposed to a traditional database, which allows records to be inserted or edited, a blockchain only adds records to the end of the ledger.

Records are linked together and cryptographically sealed wi...

Darren Nelsen
Darren Nelsen answered: August 4

What Is A 51% Attack?

A 51% attack is when a miner or group of miners obtain 51% or more of the network hash power, allowing them to rewrite blockchain history. This attack is used for (among other things) a double-spend, where the attacker executes a transaction on the current blockchain (for example...

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Ken Melendez

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