Justin Dean


MasterGenesis inc.

Business owner, investor and blockchain enthusiast View (0) Answers

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Lisa G Short

Founder of Mind Shifting & Areté Business Performance

🌎Top 100 B2B Thought Leaders in the World to follow in 2020 🌍 Strategist in Design Ecosystem Thinking & Technology View (0) Answers

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Nagendra Singh Yadav

Global Assistant General Secretary, (ICCS) at Eudoxia Research Centre

certified writer in technical and Professional Writing and Completed Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing. View (0) Answers

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Jack Ambler

Certified blockchain architect and engineer

J J and M Limited

I have over five years blockchain experience in development and use case scenarios, I have followed the ups, downs and FUD through the years View (1) Answers

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Voices of the Community

Abraham Xiong
Abraham Xiong answered: February 11

Can you help? Teaming partner needed on a project:

This is an opportunity to bid on a US government project.

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce answered: January 22

how can I join the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce?


Feel free to go to blockchainchamber.org and choose your membership level there.  Also, feel free to reach out to Rayshoun Chambers as well at Rayshoun@blockchainchamber.org.  

Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma answered: 11/29/2020

Looking to form a partnership for new blockchain development endeavour (banking & technology)

I could connect you with some who have experience in developing blockchain applications, and they are all start-ups! But the founders are very grounded in this tech and can do a good job!! ...

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740 15th St NW #800 Washington, DC 20005

Brainsy offers patented Software as a Service (SaaS) to power knowledge sharing networks and customized social media platforms for brands, B2B companies, franchisors, trade associations, professional societies and other membership ... more>

Cleveland, OH 44035
Ken Melendez

Freelance writing solutions for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

2720 Central Ave SE, Ste-G 104 Albuquerque, NM 87106

Pistis provides a blockchain platform with low barrier entrance. Everyone can register and the registered users, both individual and organizations, can easily design, test and issue certificates such as property ... more>

3190 Northeast Expressway, Suite 120 Atlanta, GA 30341

The Blockchain Association is a 501(c)3 focused on educating the community.