Fabian Fridrich

CEO Blockchance / CEO BlockRock Ventures / Board of Directors at INATBA

Visionary and specialist in networks, marketing and public relation strategy. With his roots in the crypto and blockchain technology space. View (0) Answers

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Matthew Bennett

Research and Development Designer, Advisor & Solution Architect


Brainovationist - Making the impossible - possible for employers and clients alike. Specialist in quantum digital numeric algorithm crypto. View (0) Answers

John Adcox

Founder and CEO

Gramarye Media

Executive Producer, VP Digital Media, Creative Director, VP Marketing and Creative Services, and CEO. View (0) Answers

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Kenn Rivers

Co-Founder & CEO

R2Group & Associates LLC.

CMO & Strategic Partner Development View (0) Answers

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Voices of the Community

Brian Christie
Brian Christie published: March 11

Linda Goetze Proposed open letter to the President of the United States: OPEN for Community Comment

Cross-posting this draft letter by Linda Goetze to the ECO Town Hall for further comments / discussion. 

Proposed open letter to the President of the United States: OPEN for Community Comment

htt ...more

Ken Melendez
Ken Melendez answered: February 13

Can you explain Proof of Legacy to someone new to the industry?

Proof of Legacy offers freelance blogging and copywriting services for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Companies that are looking for a professional freelance writer for their website or marketing materials can expect high-quality results with each project. The name was ...

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Herd aims to educate, to give access, and to connect you with blockchain technology.

Level 10, 99 York Street Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia
James O'Donoghue

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