Crypto Fire Alliance

James O'Donoghue
Level 10, 99 York Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

The Crypto Fire Alliance is an open request group of businesses, projects, companies and individuals from the blockchain community actively supporting the initiative to raise cryptocurrency funds for donation towards selected charities and associations helping Australian’s impacted by bushfires.

The fundraiser supports the below charities evenly. Any additional charities included will only receive an equal proportion from the time they are announced on the website to be included.

Currently supported Charities:

– NSW Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA)
– Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund

Crypto Fire Alliance

Australia is in the grips of an ongoing bushfire emergency.

We’re challenging the global cryptocurrency community to unite, help out, and showcase the strength and compassion of our great ecosystem. 

Help support our selected charities by donating cryptocurrency.

Why are we doing this?

We care about Australia and our community. Cryptocurrencies make it possible to raise funds globally to offer assistance during major disasters, while massively reducing transaction fees. This means more money goes straight to the cause, no matter where you donate from.

Please note:
Formal authorisation to raise funds on behalf of selected charities or associations has been provided to each of and
Donation information and cryptocurrency addresses are listed on Finder‘s website, and all cryptocurrency and fiat funds are collected, managed, liquidated and distributed exclusively by HiveEx. No fees, spread, margin or profit will be applied to funds raised and converted into Australian Dollars by HiveEx and Finder. The value of donated cryptocurrencies may vary prior to conversion due to market volatility.

For more information please visit:


Who are we?

Crypto Finder is the cryptocurrency division of Hive Empire Pty Limited (ABN: 18 118 785 121) trading as Finder, a worldwide comparison service which owns and operates and with over 400 staff and 6 offices around the world. We are a privately owned, Australian-founded company and we are calling on everyone around the world for help.

Hive Empire Trading Pty Ltd (ABN: 76 624 470 417) trading as is a related party of Hive Empire Pty Limited. is registered with and regulated by AUSTRAC as a Digital Currency Exchange and is subject to Australian laws. can lawfully convert cryptocurrency to fiat in Australia. is an over-the-counter cryptocurrency brokerage specialised in large order cryptocurrency trading, with a usual trade minimum of AUD$50,000.
Terms and conditions

HiveEx will collect cryptocurrency donations on behalf of the nominated charities and organisations, and process and deliver those donations in Australian dollars to the nominated charities and organisations. By donating, you acknowledge the volatility of cryptocurrencies, whose value can go down as well as up. The fiat equivalent value of a cryptocurrency donation may change by the time it is received by the intended recipient.

HiveEx is registered as a Digital Currency Exchange with AUSTRAC and can lawfully exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat in Australia. Donations will be converted by HiveEx, the largest over-the-counter volume trading desk in Australia, which is part of the Finder group.

HiveEx will take no fees for the exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat. It is possible that transfers of AUD to the bank account(s) of the charities and organisations will incur the usual bank transfer fees which will be deducted from the amount transferred.

The value of the cryptocurrency donated will depend on the conversation rate we achieve. We will use our experience and we will act in good faith to obtain the best conversion rate that we can. Donations will be held on trust for the relevant cause and processed as soon as practical. Larger quantities of cryptocurrencies will attract better exchange rates than smaller quantities.

Any donation received cannot be refunded. We do not issue receipts for donations. We will treat all donations received as being anonymous. If you wish to otherwise record a large donation, prior to sending any cryptocurrency, please contact us at

We will publish records of donations throughout the campaign.


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