Stellar Development Foundation

San Francisco, CA 94102

Stellar is a common financial platform that is designed to be open and accessible to everyone. This document outlines the long-term goals of both the Stellar Development Foundation and the Stellar Network and Protocol. The mission of the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is to promote global financial access, literacy, and inclusion. SDF accomplishes this by expanding worldwide access to low-cost financial services through the development and maintenance of technology and partnerships. SDF's vision is an open and affordable financial system where people of all income levels can access simple-to-use, secure, and low cost financial services. SDF also aims to empower developers with useful technology to create financial products and services for their communities. 


To promote global financial access, literacy, and inclusion, SDF shall: Develop and maintain a secure and low cost global transaction network ("Stellar Network") and protocol ("Stellar Protocol") that is high quality, open-source, and publicly accessible to everyone. Develop and maintain publicly accessible tools and services to support the Stellar Network and its users. Provide guidance and direction for the Stellar ecosystem. Promote adoption of Stellar as a worldwide payment standard. Distribute the native currency of the Stellar ecosystem, lumens, to the world to expand the reach of the network and create a more inclusive digital economy. Create and support technical and non-technical partnerships and educational initiatives to boost digital financial literacy and development efforts at the institutional and community level.

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