Breaking Barriers - A Thought Leadership Document

Shantanu Sharma Shantanu Sharma
Posted at 12/23/2019

Presenting - a Thought leadership document - "Breaking Barriers" based on the amazing conversations I had on the special series - “Women in Blockchain” - on Hard Fork - India's 1st TV Talk Show on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

The document covers the following:

  • Highlights of each conversation we had with the women thought leaders in the 4 episodes
  • Transcribed excerpts of the conversations with the guests of each episode
  • Articles written by the guests.

We discussed Blockchain as a tech, opportunity for the country, careers, problems, solutions, attracting talent from all across and many other things tech and non-tech. Simply grateful to Aanchal Thakur, Debajani Mohanty, Smriti Tomar and  Tarusha Mittal for being part of this journey.

Hard Fork is not just a talk show - it is a thought leadership platform that will aim to bring out the best in the crypto and blockchain industry, especially from India.

Feel free to share and download from the following link. You can send your feedback and comments to

Breaking Barriers- Hard Fork Special Series-Thought Leadership Document


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How Can We Harmonize Adoption Worldwide?

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce
Posted at 7/3/2019
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Fulfilling the social mandate of the Chamber to raise awareness, facilitate adoption and inspire advocacy for commerce, consumers and professionals building careers in blockchain has been a tall order!  That's why we are so happy to share the responsibility and reward of fulfilling this mandate with the community through the Blockchain ECOsystem platform!  Click HERE to watch a short video about how to best share the ECOsystem with your network to participate in the process and the product we are building together.  The rewards for you as the one sending the invitation and the benefits to those who you invite are unparalleled.  This is a "by invitation only" platform so the quality of the people and projects showcased here are a direct result of our choices in who we invite.  Choose wisely, my friends, and lets see who can be the first person to earn their $100,000 cap (currently 1,038,570 XLM) on the  rewards for the year! 


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Blockchain Chamber of Commerce Launches Social Media Platform on the Stellar Blockchain

Brainsy Support Brainsy Support
Posted at 7/2/2019
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The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce (BCC) launched the Blockchain ECOsystem (ECO) (, a social media and rewards platform on the Stellar Blockchain. The ECO will provide an interactive, knowledge-sharing, and promotional platform to showcase leading blockchain professionals and thought leaders from around the globe as well as BCC’s affiliated chapters worldwide.

Many experts believe that blockchain related technologies are still in their infancy yet forecasts suggest that blockchain technology revenue worldwide will experience rapid growth with a market expected to climb to over USD $23 billion by 2023.

“The focus of building out the Blockchain ECOsystem has been to maximize collaboration and exposure for the community developing blockchain technology AND to serve the community looking for trustworthy blockchain education, solutions, and partners,” stated Linda Goetze, President and CEO of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce. “We’re aiming to help accelerate the movement to a decentralized world while creating a connected community.”

Unlike social media companies that dominate the landscape today, participants in the ECOsystem will be rewarded for their engagement and for performing various tasks. Rewards will be paid out in Lumens (XLM), a top cryptocurrency as determined by total coin value (exceeding $2 billion) being developed by the Stellar Development Foundation.

Some of the initial Contributors featured on the ECOsystem include:

Bryan Allworthy, Senior Consultant, Divergence. Forward looking macro strategist specialising in the disruptive nature of divergent trends, manager of crypto assets and consultant to SMEs. 

Jack Ambler, Certified blockchain architect and engineer, J J and M Limited. Over five years blockchain experience in development and use case scenarios, Jack has followed the ups, downs and FUD through the years. 

Robert Bagley, Senior Vice President, Beaulieu International Group. Digital Asset Investor and Researcher, Floorcovering Executive, Author, Publisher, Speaker.

Jack Berube, Chief Executive Officer, MERGED RE. Real Estate Operations and Technology Executive. Currently building a Blockchain driven marketplace for real estate.

Richard Brooks, Chief Financia...more

Categories: Communication Services  |  Distribution  |  Education  |  Energy  |  Featured  |  Financial Services  |  Government  |  Healthcare  |  Hospitality & Travel  |  Manufacturing  |  Real Estate  |  Services  |  Technology
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